A student who wants to share her faith and struggles.


A pianist.

I love beautiful things that make sense to me. I only like creative math problems that makes sense. I only like reasonable music that follows a clear structure, having a clear pattern.

My favorite game is SET. I enjoy playing it with my friends on Mondays and Thursdays during lunch breaks. It’s challenging, fast, and fun! Visually creative and beautiful! I always find the SETs pleasantly surprising, never getting bored with it.

My favorite youtuber is Vi Hart. She is a mathemusician (two of my favorite subjects!) and she likes triangles. She is inspiring, creative, and humorous; made me love math more.

I support people who have autism. Having a few close friends who are autistic, I definitely learned and researched a lot about people on the spectrum. I care for them, and I want to raise awareness of autism. Because it’s so important for me to be accepted and understood, I want autistic people to feel loved and understood, too.