Reflection of the school year

Summarizing progresses and achievements that I am thankful for this school year:

  • Stronger support system
  • Better expression of thoughts and emotions verbally and written
  • Piano recital
  • Researching a lot on Autism and going to Dr. Shore’s conference
  • Surviving the service trip and enjoying it despite the challenges
  • Getting to know my classmates and making good friends
  • Taking difficult AP courses and doing well
  • Knowing my limitations when I cannot do presentations or seminars
  • Asking for help when I am unsafe
  • Moving towards openness with parents
  • Learning more about myself in many aspects (triggers to anxiety/sadness, capable of speaking sometimes in class or in presentations, new, healthier coping skills, perseverance of smoothing cement, recovering traumatic memories, quick learner at card/board games)
  • Starting both anti-anxiety meds and antidepressants, which were both seemingly impossible when the school year started
  • Growing in wisdom by reading Proverbs with my mentor

Summarizing things to work on/continue working on and praying for:

  • Better communication skills with parents, counselors, teachers, peers
  • Learning to recognize that people are created for community, that I don’t have to isolate myself when I am struggling
  • Taking deep breaths and practicing visualization
  • Working through the memories
  • Learning how to be a servant leader
  • Reducing insecurity, fear, anxiety, sadness and increasing joy, peace, love, courage
  • Being comfortable of who God made me to be and embracing my identity rather than thinking that I am an alien-like monster all the time

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