10 Reasons I Give Thanks to God

  1. The fact that I’m in a small, private Christian school
  2. The caring, kind mentors and counselors around me
  3. How God answers my prayers. I’ve been praying for a clinical counselor to help me since almost a year ago, which at that time was an impossibility due to my parents. Somehow, God has made it work out through miraculous ways!
  4. I can enjoy playing the piano – the most amazing toy I have.
  5. I am unique because of how God created and molded me.
  6. God is good and He loves me.
  7. My family – even though they are not perfect, I am privileged to have them in my life.
  8. The struggles (anxiety and depression) I have been going through have allowed me to strengthen my faith in God.
  9. God gives me (and everyone who believes in Christ) INFINITE HOPE.
  10. For all the attributes of who God is.

Happy Thanksgiving! I have not been posting recently because I have been so overloaded by the amount of school work. I’m so glad that Christmas break is coming up and pray that I can find some quiet time and peace. I want to be able to remember the blessings in my life and give thanks to God every single day rather than just on Thanksgiving… Hope you all have a great rest of Thanksgiving!

Here is a geeky video on how to eat “mathed” potatoes.


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