Thoughts on Transcendentalism


Walden Pond Response

As an introvert, I would certainly need to “put to rout” all people and social interactions in order to “live deliberately.” This includes social media, email, and devices. I believe that people are sources of distraction from my deep thoughts and should be avoided. I agree with Thoreau’s ideal of isolating himself to learn from the nature, but I do not want to be seen as antisocial. I would not imitate his simplicity of having merely enough to live on; instead, I would bring with me the usual, comfortable clothes, food… There is no reason of making myself suffer for a week since I believe my best thinking results from being physically well. I would not bring any books other than the Bible and a math workbook because I desire to know the biblical truth and solve fun math problems. The other books I enjoy reading are only a form of escapism, like playing a game on my phone or watching silly clips on Youtube. These books would not assist me in “sucking out all the marrow of life.”

Similar to Thoreau, I would go out alone to the nature for this week because it simply brings me peace. The ideal place to spend this week would either be in the plains of wheat or a summer meadow with a grand piano situated. This is definitely a made-up place in my mind because I imagine the environment to be completely quiet other than the birds chirping, the breeze blowing through the grass and trees, and an invisible violinist playing in the background. Also, due to sensory issues, I visualize myself walking through the meadow without feeling any itchiness or resistance, feeling the soft breeze in my face without the irritation of hair in my face, and breathing in fresh, unpolluted air. When I am alone in this place, without pressure from people and school, I can slowly relax my body and clear my mind from all negativity. Then, I would sit under a shade, open up my Bible, and dwell in God’s word for as long as I desire to, until I feel content. I would enjoy being in God’s presence in the nature, admire His greatness and majesty, and know what it is like to live in a peaceful world. I would write down prayers in my prayer journal and listen to God’s voice. When I am tired of thinking in words, I would turn to numbers, the beautiful, universal language that transcends countries and time, and solve math puzzles and problems just for the pure joy of it. When I am tired, I would play the piano for hours, appreciating music in its truest form and praising God without worries of not being perfect.

Most importantly, I would discover my true identity this week without people’s expectations constantly interfering, the overloaded work pressure, and the chaos of living in a city. I would find answers from the Bible, which I consider the objective truth, and attempt to achieve the success in my own definition, not anyone else’s. Ideally, when I come back from this week, I would take on my authentic personality, learning to not care about other’s judgments but still be able to love people with a humbled heart. I think I would be never be able to actualize living in this imaginary meadow for a week since there is no place on earth like that. However, if I can find a similar environment, I would do this before I go to college. In practical terms, I believe it would be difficult to persuade my parents for leaving me alone in the wilderness, and I would need immense courage and confidence like Thoreau. Even though I do not feel comfortable with social interactions, I would try not to be as isolated as Thoreau was because I believe human beings are made to form relationships, support, encourage, and live with each other.

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