A Letter to the Parent or Carer of an Undiagnosed Autistic Girl

As a female who identifies myself on the spectrum, but does not have my parents approval, I am still debating in my mind whether to seek a diagnosis on my own or not. Whether I am coping well enough in life, whether I will really get more support with a diagnosis, and whether I really want to be labelled as autistic… I think that if I learn more of my triggers, personality, and coping mechanisms over time, I will know myself well enough and make accommodations for myself. I believe that there is understanding out there – even though it may be difficult to seek for, I am striving to look for it in the right places and embracing my identity as a child of God.

The Misadventures of Mama Pineapple

[Trigger warning: mental illness]

Dear Parent/Carer,

I’m writing to you in my capacity both as the parent of a little girl awaiting assessment for autism, and as an adult autistic woman, and one who has spent most of her life, until the age of 36, undiagnosed.

I know you’ve been wondering about your girl. Perhaps someone has said something – a family member, perhaps; a friend; a teacher. Or, maybe, you’ve been thinking for quite some time that this little person might be a little…different. ‘Autism’ is the thing that’s been suggested. And you’re wondering.

Perhaps you’re wondering about the formal assessment process. Perhaps you’ve already begun to get things moving, or maybe you’re little further down the line, and it’s dawning on you that the whole thing is far more arduous than you’d ever imagined. I get that. Totally. My family is there too.

And so, you’re thinking you…

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