“Humility is not thinking less of myself; it is thinking of myself less.” – C.S. Lewis

I first read this from Timothy Keller’s book “The Freedom of Self-forgetfulness” in Bible class. And a couple days ago, I came across this in “The Purpose-Driven Life”. It made me examine my own heart –  I saw myself as a selfish person, worrying so much about my own problems, consumed by my prideful nature, never truly caring about other people around me. It’s not the kind of pride that is visible to people – acting arrogantly, showing off. However, the essence of pride is still in me – I’m afraid to show people my true self, frightened about my flaws are going to be revealed out open in public. That’s not humility, that is the human nature of pride, showing itself through my insecurity, constant self-consciousness of putting up a mask in front of others.  Yes, I’m “thinking less of myself”, belittling, criticizing, thinking of myself as unworthy, incapable, stupid…

God does not want me to be prideful like that, He wants me to stop relating every negative label to myself – Unworthiness, stupidity are not my identities. My identity is in Christ, and God thinks I’m beautiful, forgiven, a new creation through Christ’s death. Nothing else matters more than my Creator’s opinion about me. I have to fulfill His purpose of my life – learn to rid off my selfish nature, and go out to care for others more. This is tough, as it is against human’s sinful nature, but it’s what God wants, and I am going to try my best to think of others more. That’s what true Gospel-Humility is – thinking of myself less, thinking of others more.


2 thoughts on “Humility

  1. You know, I think the way I see humility is changing. I don’t so much see it as thinking of ourselves less or thinking of ourselves as lower than others in terms of our worth, but just thinking about ourselves in the right way. And just knowing none is better than any other but we are all extremely worthy. Hmm, got me thinking! Have to think more about this – hehe.

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