“Do I have problems with communication or do we just have a ‘language barrier’?”

I have kept this webpage open for over a day, pondering on it couple of times when I use my laptop. It’s very true that I find it easier to communicate with autistic people. When I speak to them, everything feels just so natural and enjoyable. Even when I help out and interact with nonverbal autistic children, they show strong affinity towards me, as if our hearts and minds have a natural connection. I have found my kind of language, and I am not alone!

Crabby Centaur

Autistic Spectrum Conditions are supposedly characterised by a marked difficulty in reciprocal social communication. I have realised recently, however, through talking online with other people who are on the autistic spectrum that among ourselves we have little problem communicating. And this got me thinking, and it also got me observing autistic and non-autistic interpretations and reactions.

Last night is the freshest event in my mind: I was at an event which was a medium sized group of people and so lots of information to take in, lots of chatter, sensory input, and at one point I was addressed directly and everybody was listening to me answer. I was enjoying the evening. At various points, however, I was playing with a ‘fidget toy’ that I take with me places in order that I can fidget semi-discretely and avoid the need for really big stimming motions when I am in a situation…

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