Positive Self-Talk for anxiety

I’ve been feeling very anxious about a conference I’m attending and school starting in a few weeks. I’m terrified of meeting new people; I want to hide and feel safe. The change in my routine is going to make me anxious, takes me about 5 weeks to transition into the school schedule.

Here are some positive self-talk statements that help me cope with anxiety:

  1. ‘I feel anxious, but I will be ok.’
  2. ‘Anxiety is a normal response to change/new things, I will adapt.’
  3. ‘Sometimes when I’m anxious I need to take a break.’ – There’s nothing wrong with that.
  4. ‘I’m training myself to handle new experiences, sometimes it will be uncomfortable, but that is ok.’ – It’s preparing for my future in a positive way.
  5. ‘I will use my logic and intellect to frame my anxiety as an emotional response to change and not based on reasonable fear.’

(From a kind person I admire)


2 thoughts on “Positive Self-Talk for anxiety

  1. This is a great and original post! Sometimes all we need to do is talk ourselves down from moments of panic. I really find number 5 to be useful, as I tend to be rationally minded anyway.

    One of my personal favourites is;

    ‘They’re just people’

    Very simply and short, but it reminds me that others are not as intimidating as my mind would have me believe – they have their own set of problems to deal with and navigate through!


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