High-functioning Anxiety

“Sometimes being around people is just overwhelming. Someone may say something everyone else takes as a joke, but it hits right where my insecurities are. When that happens, I just have to get out. Now. All I need is a few minutes away to recollect myself and get my breathing under control, and then I’ll come back. When I do come back, please don’t ask me why I left or if I’m OK. I promise I’ll tell you, but not until I’m in a better headspace.”

via 8 Things Someone With ‘High-Functioning’ Anxiety Wishes You Knew — The Mighty

I can relate with all eight points of things I wish other people would know. Especially the point about leaving suddenly – I leave class because I need to. I have to be somewhere else to recharge my energy and calm down my anxiety.


2 thoughts on “High-functioning Anxiety

  1. I have to say I don’t tend to go away in these situations but stay feeling completely horrible and try to cover it up hoping no-one can see. Not fun. I wonder if instead we could just speak up and be honest about how we’re feeling rather than feel the need to run or hide.

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