All or nothing

I’m a perfectionist. It’s a part of my anxiety. Things have to be perfect, or else nothing is right in my life. There is no such thing as kind of perfect. Things are either black or white, either true or false. No gray area is allowed. This is called all-or-nothing thinking in Psychology.

I’ve learned that it’s okay to be false. It is fine to work on an assignment with all my effort but still get a bad grade. It’s okay to make mistakes in a piano performance despite hours of practicing. When there are no words to verbalize my thoughts, and I feel like a failure, I can choose to not be critical to my faults. Mistakes will keep on happening.

Sometimes, I need to give myself grace and forgiveness, to accept what is false to be false. I’m still learning to relax, calm down, and slow down my working pace, because my brain deserves to rest, to find peaceful moments among my anxiety.

Day-dreaming is not a sin, so I do not need to feel guilty when I’m not working. When anxiety finds fault in everything I do, I can take courage to say “It’s okay to be imperfect.”

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2 thoughts on “All or nothing

  1. I struggle with anxiety and perfectionism as well. One of my mottos was, ‘I can always do better.’ I’m learning to give myself grace too. I reckon we ALWAYS need to give ourselves grace and forgiveness.

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