Feelings are not facts

One mistake that I often make when I am depressed is focusing too much on my feelings. The problem of labeling myself negatively is that it reinforces what I do not want. When I tell myself that I am stupid and weak, but in reality, I don’t want to be like that, this negative self-talk only makes me feel worse. Instead, I am learning to tell myself what I want to be. I want to have courage and be stronger, so I tell myself positively that I am strong and courageous. When I ask for God to strengthen me during hardships, I know He will provide me whatever I need to endure, and I am able to speak with confidence that I am strong.

After two years of being in high school, I still don’t feel like a high schooler. I feel immature, never ready to be an adult. I feel like I’m still in middle school, anxious and unfamiliar with all the new things around me. However, feelings are not facts. And when I confuse them, I get misled to believe the lies of myself. Not feeling like a high school student doesn’t mean I’m not one. Feeling stupid does not mean that I am stupid. When I criticize myself for being an idiot, I am confusing feelings with the facts. I’m trying to alter the “If I feel worthless, then I must be worthless” idea. Feeling worthless does not mean that I am worthless. I have to constantly remind myself of the objective truth. Some people often say that they cannot feel God’s presence. But not feeling God’s presence doesn’t mean God is not beside you….


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